Securitas MobileCam

Flexible technology solution keeping people and premises safe 24/7

Securitas MobileCam is a rapidly deployed camera system providing an affordable security solution using a blend of Securitas’ services without the need to invest in a permanent video management system.


What are the benefits of choosing a Securitas MobileCam?

By using the MobileCam, your premises benefits from remote deterrent and detection intervention and patrols across a secure area. An audio horn 
is fitted to the mast to provide remote audio challenge tailored to the specific threat. The equipment fitted to the unit includes two thermal cameras configured with video analytics, which can provide high-quality video for evidential purposes.

The MobileCam negates the need for expensive network connections, by using 3G/4G cellular networks to transfer video between the site using the SOC’s remote video operators who monitor the MobileCam activity 24/7. The MobileCam can be combined with other Securitas services creating an advanced mobile security solution. 

How does MobileCam protection work?

The Securitas MobileCam is a portable CCTV system that can be provided where needed for a fixed time. The self-contained CCTV system consisting of two thermal imaging cameras and a functional camera with 360° rotation can be remotely monitored by the SOC. The MobileCam is ideal for use at events, securing high-value plant machinery and perimeter surveillance linked to the SOC where our operators can quickly address and protect your premises against security risks affecting the safety of a designated site.

The MobileCam is delivered to your site and with our quick setup; your protection starts immediately with a remote connection to the SOC for 24/7 coverage, as long as it’s needed.