Canine Services

Delivering services across all sectors, Securitas Canine Support offers both high profile general-purpose security dog & specialist detection teams, which act as an integral layer of protective security in high value, large and vulnerable areas such as power stations and distribution centres or as an aid in drugs, firearms and explosives searches.

Securitas can develop with the customer, a total solution ranging from ad hoc high profile support utilising general purpose dog teams, to highly qualified handlers who have a balanced approach to customer service and risk analysis.

Using our behaviour analysis training to maximise the threat awareness enables swift reporting to the emergency services and potentially reducing the impact of major incidents.  First aid and after incident training enables our handlers to an effective part of the post incident team reducing further risk to life and property and assisting in the ‘back to routine operations’ philosophy. 

Canine Solutions could include:

  • Behavioural analysis training
  • Customer Service Training
  • Disruptive behaviour and Conflict management
  • On-site major incident handling
  • Role in evacuation (including evacuation into sterile areas e.g. the CP)
  • Post incident media handling
  • Fire risk assessments
  • First on-scene first aid qualified team members
  • Intelligent liaison with other emergency services