Within the Port environment there are many areas where security is needed and where strict regulations are in place. The Port itself is often our customer, but we also work with shipping lines as well as individual companies.

Whether you are responsible for a Port Facility, a Shipping line or you are Port user, Securitas Port and Maritime Services in the UK offer specialist solutions based on our worldwide expertise.

As a recognised knowledge leader in providing Port and Maritime security solutions, we are able to offer and advise on all aspects of Maritime security.

Being an Approved and Accredited training provider by the Department of Transport, Securitas can offer traiining courses for Port Facility Security Officers. we can also assist in ensuring compliance to all current legislation, including Security Drills and Exercises, as well as working with you in preparation of your Port Facility Plan. 

Securitas are able to provide fully trained Officers who will meet all your obligations under the ISPS code.

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