Security Trained Assistance & Reception Services

What are STARS?

Reception is the critical area from which access into your premises is managed. By combining the role of front of house and security, our STARS create a more secure environment and can deal with a much wider array of queries, tasks and responsibilities than conventional reception staff.

 What is a STAR?

The bespoke nature of the service enables you to select existing employees for STARS training. With eleven days of bespoke training Securitas ensure a highly skilled, SIA licensed professional, including:

  • Specialist front-of-house training
  • Advanced training also available
  • Immaculate uniform which can be bespoke, detailed appearance ‘checklist’, consistent down to the smallest detail

Your visitors will be aware of the potential threats facing businesses and the public and will expect robust security measures to be in place to reassure and protect them. However, this needs to be balanced with providing them with a warm welcome and smooth journey through your premises, making their visit efficient and enjoyable.

A great reception service can allow you to blend these competing needs and go over and above to impress visitors to your business.

Protect your staff, customers and visitors whilst also making a great impression.

By bringing security and front-of-house together you can increase efficiencies whilst maintaining effectiveness, and even realise cost-savings and greater brand promotion.