Canine Security: detection and protection

Their sense of smell is thousands of times stronger than ours, so when you need specialist detection, it's time to unleash the experts.

Are you at risk?

Do you need a general-purpose security dog for a large and high-value area, or a specialist team of detection dogs to uncover explosives, firearms or illegal drugs? Let us carry out a Risk Assessment to find out.

Get better

From adhoc high-profile support to a regular specialist team, we don't just provide the best – we develop the best at our state-of-the-art Canine Training Centre, continuously raising the standard for your security.

Silence your fears

With detection dogs and expert handlers on-hand to analyse threats and liaise with the emergency services, we prevent and reduce the impact of major incidents. All our handlers are trained to manage incidents, minimising damage and disruption to your business.

Take the lead