Acquired installation expertise

10 June 2019

In the latest edition of PSI Arthur Agnew, Chief Technology Officer at Securitas, talks about the acquisition of the Allcooper Group, the opportunities for both companies and the ever-changing CCTV market.

"Our goal for 2020 and beyond is to become a leading force in intelligent services, through data-driven innovations. We will always look at the market for opportunities to grow and expand our presence, but any acquisition needs to be right for us. Allcooper's expertise in electronic security and its portfolio of long-term clients strengthens our portfolio - it’s a great business".

Talking about the innovation in the CCTV market, Arthur highlights the growing client's expectations: "We are seeing a lot of interest in CCTV but from a different angle that its traditional role, now focusing on the use of cyber secure monitoring and maintenance. Data-driven innovation is driving our move from reactive security to predictive security solution and as a result we use analytics, combined with open source intelligence."

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