Securitas flies high with ground-breaking certification

01 September 2017

The UK’s first and only government-certified canine security provider

Securitas has officially achieved FREDD (Free Running Explosive Detection Dog) certification – the EU standard for the use of dogs in aviation cargo security.

Working in conjunction with the Department for Transport (DfT), this ground-breaking achievement means Securitas now provides the highest levels of explosives detection using our four-legged friends.

Not only do ever-present terrorist threats make this an essential arm of the security provider’s portfolio, but aviation is the only sector that requires regulation of private security dogs.

This is the first time central government has certified the private security industry to provide specialist free running detection dogs, so is a significant step forward not only for the company and its customers, but the security industry as a whole.

Meeting exacting EU and DfT standards, the challenging certification process put the dogs and handlers through their paces, testing them across a suite of explosive samples in an operational environment.

Shaun Kennedy, director of Specialised Protective Services at Securitas, said: “Our team demonstrated exceptional levels of dedication and commitment in gaining this certification, which is a real game-changer – not only for our customers, but the aviation industry."

“Our focus is always investing in the highest level of training to raise standards and provide customers with the very best protection.”

The momentous achievement will be welcome news to airports and cargo screening organisations across the UK.

It’s a giant step for canine security and another leap for Securitas, as they continue to raise security standards, blending people, technology and knowledge to provide total protection.