Walsall Security Officer Rushes to Help Crash Victim

18 February 2016

An off-duty security officer had to put her specialist Fire and Safety training to the test when she came across the scene of a serious road traffic accident recently.

Kelly Cooper (35)  who lives in Great Wyrley, found herself at the scene of the crash on the afternoon of 22nd January on her way home from a Fire and Rescue training session at Moreton-in-the-Marsh.

Kelly, who works for Securitas, was travelling with her Operations Manager, Vijay Kumar, when they were stopped by unusual traffic build up on the A429.  After leaving the car and walking a short distance to see what had happened, she discovered there had been a serious accident involving an HGV and three cars.  Emergency services were not yet on the scene so Kelly called Vijay who travelled up the road and parked his car in a fend-off position to ensure approaching cars were made to slow down.

As well as working in West Bromich in her role as a security officer, Kelly is a driver with Securitas' Emergency Fire Capability Crew (EFCC) and it was this training and expertise that stood her in good stead to help the most seriously injured victim who was trapped in his vehicle and clearly in distress.  While Vijay reassured and aided the less seriously injured passengers, Kelly, helped by two local farmers who had arrived on the scene, prepared the vehicle for a possible roof removal, carefully taking out the back seats and using the 'peel and reveal' technique to save valuable time prior to the arrival of the emergency services.

 When the ambulance and fire and rescue services arrived, Kelly and Vijay handed over all details to the crews who took over the situation.  90 minutes later, the man was removed from his car and subsequently airlifted to hospital.

Proud manager, Vijay said: "Kelly was just brilliant.  Her training really kicked in and she dealt with the situation amazingly well while being under extreme pressure.  She should be very proud of herself and I'm sure the man trapped in his car was very grateful indeed for her calm and commanding presence during what was a very frightening and painful time."

A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman said: “It is always a welcome sight for ambulance staff to see people at the scene offering assistance prior to their arrival. An extra pair of hands is always helpful so Kelly deserves great credit for putting her training to good use and offering assistance at the earliest possible opportunity to the patients involved. Well done Kelly.

“We would encourage anyone who can to undertake first aid training, as you never know when you might be in a position to help someone in their hour of need.”

Kelly has now been nominated for a Securitas Community Award, the company's formal recognition of employees' bravery and contribution to the community.   Shaun Kennedy, Specialist Protective Services Director at Securitas, added: ""This is not the first time our EFCC officers have been first at the scene of a very serious incident.  Kelly's training ensured she was able to take control, prioritise and stabilise casualties and professionally hand over to the police and paramedics.  We're all very proud of Kelly for coping so well in what was an extremely stressful and distressing situation."