First Response Team at the University of Hertfordshire

With two large campuses to protect, the University wanted a skilled on-site team to respond to emergencies to keep students, staff and visitors safe. A fully equipped First Response Vehicle with a 24/7 team proved to be the best solution.

About the client

The University of Hertfordshire is one of the safest universities in the South East of England and regularly ranks in the top 30 safest universities in the UK. It maintains a friendly and welcoming approach on its campuses, whilst ensuring the protection of its 25,000 students, 2,700 staff and large number of visitors.

With two sites, College Lane and de Havilland, situated less than a kilometre apart, the University boasts large scale academic facilities and on campus residential accommodation for 4,500 students.  

In 2015, the University entered into a long-term partnership with Securitas and currently benefits from a wide range of protective services including On-Site, Electronic and Remote security and Fire & Safety.

The client brief

With two large campuses to protect, the University wanted a skilled on-site team to respond to emergencies to keep students, staff and visitors safe.

The University and Securitas agreed that a First Response Team, in a specialist First Response Vehicle, should be introduced to meet this need.

The Securitas solution

Securitas upskilled 15 on-site security officers to form the First Response Team, training them in first aid and Emergency Fire Crew Capability (EFCC).

A fully equipped First Response Vehicle is used by the team to extinguish small fires, deliver first aid and help with chemical spills and lift entrapments. The vehicle travels between College Lane and de Havilland and is always manned by two officers.

When not attending an incident, the team routinely check fire safety equipment on both sites and generally keep a vigilant watch for any issues.

The First Response Team is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. First to attend any campus incident, they are the key point of contact for local emergency services responding to larger, more serious campus incidents.  

Client testimonial

Dale Murphy, Head of Security & Resilience at the University of Hertfordshire, commented: “The First Response Team have established themselves as a crucial part of campus life. Students, staff and visitors are reassured by the constant presence of the First Response Vehicle.

“There are many high risks areas on a campus, including student living accommodation and laboratories, so having a skilled team on standby to handle emergencies, and support the local emergency services in a major incident, is invaluable.”

Sector Experience

The First Response Vehicle, with trained team, is just one part of Securitas’ wider Fire & Safety offering.

Our Fire & Safety Services offer a one-stop shop for businesses of all sizes removing the need for multiple suppliers.

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