Marks & Spencer

Marks and Spencer requirements for a uniformed guarding service has always been built around its own underlying principles of Quality, Value, Innovation and Trust.

We believe Securitas Security Services share these principles and were pleased to award them the security contract for all our stores in Northern and Southern Ireland in October 2006.

These principles have delivered:

  • A visible uniformed deterrence against theft and anti social behaviour, to create a safe and secure shopping environment for our customers and staff.
  • Prevention and detection and investigation of theft and/or malpractise directed against Marks and Spencer.
  • Protected our People, Property, Profit and Brand.

To date Securitas has delivered a prestigious service, supplying high calibre, well trained officers who have embraced the Marks and Spencer culture within our stores.

The Securitas management structure of a dedicated Contract Manager along with local branch management to support our contract has delivered a "totally managed security service" with all KPI's currently exceeding target.

At a senior level, Securitas management are committed to working in partnership with Marks and Spencer and are passionate to continually improve upon the service they deliver.


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