The University of Southampton working in partnership with Securitas

“We have worked closely with Securitas since October 2017 and it is encouraging to see that we share the same values with regards to customer service and the student experience.” - Nick Povey, Chief Security Officer.

About the client

With a reputation for innovation, the University of Southampton is in the top 1% of global universities and one of the top 20 UK universities targeted by the top 100 graduate recruiters.

The main campus, Highfield, caters for the majority of the university’s academic courses and is home to state-of-the-art research and teaching facilities. The university also boasts five other campuses; Avenue, Boldrewood, Waterfront (NOCS), Winchester and University Hospital Southampton, in addition to a campus in Malaysia.

The client brief

The University of Southampton went out to tender towards the end of 2017, in line with internal procurement procedures, and Securitas won the three-year contract.

The university has an established in-house security department that assumes responsibility for all security needs during the day, but they wanted to collaborate with a trusted security provider to support in the evenings and over weekends - with a particular focus on the campuses and halls of residence.

The Securitas solution

Like many universities today, the University of Southampton has an open campus policy to ensure students, teaching staff and visitors benefit from a welcoming and positive experience at all times.

With 28,000 students and 6,000 teaching staff based at the University, Securitas understood the importance of providing first-class protective services to support the efforts of the in-house security department. 

A team of 60 dedicated, SIA licensed Securitas officers are responsible for the safety of people, property and assets, in the evenings and over weekends, visibly patrolling on foot and via mobile vehicles. The physical patrols support an extensive network of on-site CCTV cameras, operated by the university’s security department, on a round-the-clock basis.

In addition to the six large-scale campuses, the university also has ten halls of residence to accommodate a wide range of students, many of them living away from home for the first time. Varying in size, some of the halls are situated near Southampton City Centre, whilst others are in walking distance of campuses. Personal student safety and wellbeing is of paramount importance at the halls, particularly during evenings and over weekends.

Protection of the university’s property and assets is also critical, and a key remit for the Securitas team. There are a number of leading facilities across the different campuses including five libraries, a multi-use research aquarium, a wind tunnel complex, sports centre and 13 on-site cafes, bars and restaurants. 

Client testimonial

Nick Povey, Chief Security Officer at the University of Southampton commented: “The University of Southampton prides itself on running a professional and committed security department, we see ourselves as ambassadors for the university where customer care is a priority. Providing a positive student experience is one of our key objectives, it is essential that all of our contracted partners have the same attitude.

“We have worked closely with Securitas since October 2017 and it is encouraging to see that we share the same values with regards to customer service and the student experience. The University has set itself some challenging goals over the next few years, which will require my department to develop and adapt to ensure we provide the best possible service, I am confident that Securitas is well equipped to join us in this journey.”

Sector experience

Securitas’ Education Team has a wealth of experience in the University sector, with protective service contracts in place with the University of Bedfordshire, University of Hertfordshire, Cranfield University, University of Gloucestershire, Leeds Metropolitan University and the University of West Scotland.

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