Expert canine detection and protection for TATA Steel’s Corby site

The Corby site was experiencing trespass, anti-social behaviour, criminal damage and theft of high voltage cabling. A high-profile deterrent was needed to protect the site and support existing security measures.

About the client

TATA Steel Group is one of the world’s leading steel producers, with operations in 26 countries and commercial offices in over 50 countries.
In April 2014, Securitas was appointed to provide a range of protective security services to 21 TATA sites across South Wales, Midlands and the North of England. This extended to providing a long term canine service to its Corby site from May 2017.

Client brief

TATA’s Corby site, located in Northamptonshire, manufactures approximately 250,000 tonnes per year of thin-wall welded tube from steel strip for use in a range of applications, including construction, lifting and excavating, and energy and power market sectors.

The large site was experiencing incidence of trespass, anti-social behaviour, criminal damage and highly organised removal and theft of high voltage cabling. Despite concerted efforts by on-site Officers, attempts to access the site, including disused buildings, persisted. 

TATA Steel required a high-profile deterrent to protect the site and support existing security measures.

The Securitas solution

Securitas introduced a general purpose security dog team to patrol the perimeter, disused buildings and other vulnerable locations. This was to protect the workforce, critical assets and to also protect unauthorised people entering the site from potential injury and harm. Warning signs were placed at regular intervals around the perimeter.

A force multiplier, one dog with handler can replace up to 8 patrolling security officers and with a sense of smell thousands of times stronger than our own, the dogs are experts at detecting unwanted intruders.

Within two weeks, incidents of trespass on the TATA Steel Corby site reduced drastically. The dog team currently patrols at night, between Friday and Sunday, providing an efficient and very effective silent hours deterrent and detection service.

Client testimonial

Morag Berrido, TATA Steel, Corby commented: “The general purpose dog team has made a real difference to site security, we’ve seen a significant fall in trespass, thefts and criminal damage. It’s reassuring to know the dog team is on duty when the site closes for the night.”
“We will continue to use the dogs on site as they visibly deter trespassers, and their ability to patrol large areas is unrivalled.”

Sector Experience

Our general purpose dogs, with expert handlers, support clients in a wide range of industries including manufacturing, retail, aviation and logistics, in addition to events.

Ideal for patrolling large areas, general purpose dogs can be deployed at short notice and are a high-profile deterrent. We work with trusted service partners across the UK to deliver consistent or ad-hoc canine support, anytime, anywhere.


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