University of Hertfordshire- A 10-Year Partnership and Investment In Protection

"This partnership confirms our new solutions strategy is working.  We are moving from pure on-site security to offering solutions which integrate on-site security services with technology to achieve cost-efficiency, added value and long-term customer relationships."  Brian Riis Nielsen, Country President, Securitas UK

The University of Hertfordshire is one of the top 150 universities in the world under 50 years old[1]. It maintains a friendly and welcoming approach on its campuses, whilst ensuring the protection of its 25,000 students, 2,700 staff and the large number of visitors welcomed every year, as well as its buildings and facilities.

The University’s main challenge was to maintain a friendly and welcoming approach to their campuses, whilst enhancing the protection of their 2,700 staff and 25,300 student community, as well as their multi-million pound buildings and facilities, as part of its commitment to continuous improvement in all areas of the university. 

After embarking on a ground-breaking procurement process to appoint a long term security partner, Securitas was chosen as the University’s specialist provider for an unprecedented 10 year period. The University felt Securitas were able to offer the best solution for their risks and needs, helping to maintain an open access university campus whilst ensuring the highest standards of safety for students, staff and visitors at all times.

The University sought to utilise Securitas’ experience and knowledge to create a security benchmark for the UK education sector, implementing change based on their risk profile and delivering a continuously improving security solution that provides outstanding value.

[1] According to the Times Higher Education 150 under 50 rankings 2016.

The Initial Solution

With innovation and investment at the forefront of the partnership, Securitas has brought together multiple specialisms to deliver risk-based protective services include on-site (physical) security, car park management, surveillance control room management, cash in transit services, and reception services. The important highly visible element of the partnership engenders the perception that the University takes its duty of care very seriously to improve the safety and student experience.

Once the contract was successfully underway, the Securitas team – always seeking to add value – identified additional areas for improvement, one of which is a comprehensive ‘First Response’ service to deal with threats of Emergency situations.

Total Protective Services

Representing a security industry ‘first’, a First Response capability was implemented into the already successful on-site security solution.  Protective Service Officers on-site are now equipped to respond and manage a wide range of events such as small waste bin fires, lift failures, environmental spillages, vehicle collisions and fire alarm activations. The level of training given to the team equips them with the competency of Fire Wardens and First Person on Scene First Aiders.  A First Response vehicle – supplied by Securitas UK, specifically designed and equipped to support the wider University operations is a key part of ensuring the resources available to the University contribute to mitigating any risk, and provide the tools to enable the teams on the ground to positively intervene and manage an incident.


Securitas has delivered a risk-based solution to the University of Hertfordshire that are at the forefront of security and safety within the UK education sector, with the key benefits of:

  • Open Access to new technologies that enables a balance of  manpower and technology to enhance performance and provide a smarter and more efficient service
  • Achieving significant annual cost savings for the University of £500,000 whilst adding value through an enhanced solution
  • Delivering an improved student, staff and visitor experience by maintaining the professional image across all Protective Services
  • Ensuring reduced risk to property, business continuity and reputation and increasing safety by implementing a ‘First Response’ first response safety team – bringing confidence that a structure and strategy is in place to deal rapidly with emergency situations and unplanned disruption
  • Delivering tangible improvements in all aspects of security and safety by up-skilling existing teams and optimising deployment.
  • Offering solutions to various school departments which are non-security related

Download the full Case Study Here

Key benefits delivered to the University of Hertfordshire

  • Comprehensive, integrated solution from one supplier working in close partnership
  • Ten-year contract ensures continuity and commitment
  • Promotes student/staff confidence that university is fulfilling duty of care
  • Half a million-pound annual cost saving over previous solution
  • Securitas investment that drives service improvement
  • Alignment of interests in relation to student support and placements

Professor Quintin McKellar, Vice Chancellor, University of Hertfordshire, said: "As the UK’s leading business facing University with aspirations to be internationally renowned, we are delighted to be working so closely with Securitas.  In today’s HE environment student experience and employability are key and the partnership we have with Securitas will respond very positively to these drivers.” 

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