University of West Scotland

Securitas have been providing manned guarding services across the Hamilton campus since 2011.

The site security team have more than 13 years experience looking after the campus and, therefore, have the skills and knowledge to ensure the site remains a safe environment for all its stakeholders.

A total of eight Securitas officers cover the necessary shifts to ensure the smooth day-to-day operation of the busy car park, as well as being on hand to respond to any incidents that may occur across the campus. Passionate about the service they deliver, the officers work hard to ensure all incidents are dealt with professionally and effectively.

The car parks are in high demand throughout the day and officers man the three access and exit gates to ensure staff, students and visitors are accommodated accordingly. Once the car park has closed, the officers on duty carry out patrols around the campus to monitor and respond to incidences which may include:

• Alarm activations - i.e. fire alarm, intruder alarm, disabled assistance/EVAC chair response

• Behavioural issues - i.e. smoking, antisocial student or local gang activity and vandalism.

Officers are also tasked with key handling for any staff or contractors needing access outside normal working hours and are on hand until late classes finish – typically 9pm.

The Halls of Residence, which accommodates 156 students in 26 flats, houses a control room where an officer monitors the campus’ 32 CCTV cameras and is a reassuring point of contact 24 hours a day for staff and students alike. John Cotton, Facilities Manager at the University, comments: “The officers really are part of the structure here on campus. Both staff and students really appreciate having them around as they not only provide a secure environment, but are extremely helpful and flexible to our needs. “All the officers at the campus are committed to doing a good job,” he added. “They take pride in everything they do and are recognised on the site as ‘the men who know everything’. This is because they can usually provide the answer for every question about the site and, if they do not have the answer they will get it for you. They will always provide an informed response and will always be on shift on time.

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