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How to counteract the rising cost of security services

From April, UK businesses face a triple financial whammy with a 1.5% rise in National Insurance, 6.6% on the Living Wage and high inflation all combining to hike employer overheads. Act now to reduce the impact of these price rises on your security budget.

15 February 2022 11:46

Don't wait to tackle rising security personnel costs

There’s no doubt that there will always be a need for the specialist skills of trained security officers. But with nearly 1.25 million job vacancies creating an acute labour shortage in the UK, it can be difficult – and expensive – to attract and retain suitable security staff. And that’s before you factor in the almost 10% rise in employment costs outlined above and the inflationary pressure that will undoubtedly lead to pay rise demands. Increasingly, companies are realising that there are many situations where a technology-based, remote monitored security system is a more efficient, sustainable and cost-effective option to traditional man guarding.


Reduce cost and increase security with integrated and smart security solutions

Previously, certain security monitoring services could only be carried out on-site but advances in technology mean our Securitas Operations Centre (SOC) can remotely monitor and manage CCTV, alarms and access control systems around the clock. Our remote security services can include:


  • Access / Exit control
  • Remotely monitor the health of your security systems
  • Remote monitoring via CCTV surveillance
  • Remote monitoring and response to fire and intruder alarms (including remote audio warnings to intruders where such functionality is enabled)


Remote security solutions that deliver long term ROI

If you’re concerned about the capital expenditure impact of upgrading your existing security systems, don’t be. We can make the up-front investment on your behalf and spread the cost over time so it comes out of your operating expenditure budget. You just pay a single monthly fee for all the protective equipment and services you need – technology, monitoring, response, intelligence and so on.

Once installed, an up-to-date electronic surveillance and alarm system will continue to deliver a return on investment for many years to come. But right now, the clock is ticking and those employment price increases are only a few weeks away so to learn more about benefits of a remote security system, get in touch today.


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