Mobile Patrols

Our mobile patrols are a highly effective visual and physical deterrent, used to move unauthorised people off site and deter theft.

We can devise internal and external patrol routes to act as an effective deterrent, and these will be carried out randomly, so that the pattern of patrols remains ambiguous for any unwanted visitors.

Our fully trained, SIA licensed mobile patrol officers wear the highly recognisable Securitas uniform and drive our liveried vehicles, which again act as a strong visual deterrent to unauthorised people on site, therefore, reducing the likelihood of theft and vandalism.

As well as deterring criminal activity, mobile patrols alert our Licensed Officers to the threat of fire, flood or other damaging incidents.

Barcodes are placed at agreed inspection points around your site and they are scanned on the patrol by our Officers using a Blackberry Personal Digitial Assisitant. A full report of the Patrol can be available to you immediately by email, which will highlight the time of the patrol, the name of the Officer that carried out the patrol, and any further information you may need to know, such as safety or security hazards that have been found during the patrol.

In addition all our vehicles are fitted with a satellite tracking system. Both of these systems allow us to provide complete proof of our world class service.

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