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Client case study - ORACLE

“The changes implemented have demonstrated Securitas’ commitment to not only identifying issues but also suggesting and providing solutions to overcome them.” - Oracle spokesperson

Closing the gap

Clients worldwide rely on our Global Security Operations Centres (GSOC) to protect their people, assets and business operations. ​Around the clock, these GSOCs scrutinise intelligence sources for potential tactical and strategic threats, and monitor access control systems, CCTV together with other aspects of physical security. ​In the event of an incident, the GSOC’s automated systems issue immediate alerts.


The story in brief:

  • We created two Global Security Operations Centres (GSOC) for our client, a worldwide leader in IT. One covers operations in the Americas region, the other serves the EMEA and JAPAC regions
  • Both GSOCs were operating very well, but coordination and continuity between the two was compromised by incompatible shift patterns and time zones
  • To overcome these constraints, we recommended recruiting a Senior Manager for each GSOC, to be responsible for communication and information sharing. We also advised the introduction of a Training Manager to cover both sites 
  • This solution delivered significant improvements in consistency and continuity across the two sites.



Additional business implementation

Securitas had already successfully established a GSOC in the US to cover the Americas for our client, one of the top five in the IT and software sector. They then briefed us to set up a second site to serve the Europe, AMEA and JAPAC regions, and we delivered an equally effective ‘twin’ GSOC, located in Europe.

​However, although both GSOCs operated very efficiently in their own regions, they did so as separate entities. ​

They shared the same technical platforms, but liaison, project management, communication training, problem sharing, and flow of information between them was almost non-existent. “There was a divergence between the two regions because their processes and procedures were not integrated,” explains a Securitas Global Account Director. “And this lack of central co-ordination and continuity was affecting performance.”

The root of the problem was easy to identify – an incompatibility between regional shift hours: the UK team were working 12-hour shifts, four days on, four days off, but the US team worked a three-shift day. This misalignment, exacerbated by different time zones, made it difficult for managers to discuss projects or issues with their colleagues in the other GSOC.

Unifying forces

The issue was one of human resources, so we devised a human solution to fill the gap. Our recommendation was to create a Senior Manager position for each GSOC, to be responsible for providing information and project continuity during the working week. Alongside these roles, we suggested the introduction of a global GSOC Training Manager, to ensure continuity of training between the two sites (reporting into the two senior managers).

After assessing our recommendations, the client realised that it was the only practical way of overcoming this important communication issue, and that the advantages justified the additional overhead. The recruitment process was completed within two weeks of the decision being taken, with the newly created roles filled by experienced members of the existing GSOC teams. “By putting in managers who could communicate easily and constantly we brought consistency of operations into practice,” says the Global Account Director. “Ever since, the client has benefited from rapid and accurate sharing of information between two very important internal service providers.”

Across Securitas UK as a whole we have taken innovative steps with our rostering to ensure all our officers have a good work-life balance – including time to pursue their own professional development using our Learning Management System platform. By delivering improvements in efficiency and performance, these innovations have benefited our clients as well as our people. 


To find out more about how our solutions-led approach could support your security needs please get in touch. 

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