Our Purpose

Securitas is becoming a purpose-driven company from within. In 2019, we asked hundreds of colleagues in Securitas why they go to work, and what it is that unites so many people across countries and continents. The answers to these questions are reflected in our new purpose: We help make your world a safer place.

Our purpose unites us

Securitas was founded in 1934 and although much has changed, our basic beliefs remain unchanged. Everything we do is based on our strong values: Integrity, Vigilance and Helpfulness.

Our values have helped us achieve global business success and our new purpose unites us all.

Magnus Ahlqvist, President and CEO of Securitas AB explains, “Our purpose answers the question why. Why does Securitas exist? Why do we get up in the morning and put on our uniform with pride? Our purpose influences how we shape our strategy and how we behave. Our purpose unites us. Our purpose comes down to who we are and what we want to achieve.”

Safety is a basic premise for us all, as we enjoy life with friends and family in our personal time, but also whilst we are at work. With ever increasing and complex threats facing us all, our commitment to help our clients make their world a safer place is more important than ever.

Strong ethical standards

From the very beginning, our founder Erik Philip-Sörensen set the highest professional standards. Constantly looking for new technologies and with an uncompromising attention to work ethics, our ethical standards are articulated in our values and are symbolized by the red dots in our logo.

Global leader

We have evolved into a market-leading, global, intelligent protective services partner and today, we proudly stand guard to protect the safety, welfare and happiness of millions of people across the world.


We help make your world a safer place