‘Track and Trace’ protects your valuable people, resources and vehicles

Protecting your people, fleet and goods whilst in transit or working alone isn’t easy. How safe are your people when working alone, and would they be able to raise the alarm in an emergency? How do you ensure assets are monitored effectively and protected from theft? Do you know where your vehicles are in real time and can you track their progress remotely?

Securitas ‘Track and Trace’ solutions incorporate the latest technology and devices to protect individuals and your fleet of vehicles around the world. We provide an all-in-one, preventative solution including personal alarms and GPS technology so you have visibility of your valuable assets wherever they might be.

Working with Securitas offers:

  • Guaranteed, quick response in emergency situations
  • 24/7 service across Europe
  • Real time updates, monitoring and communication on security status
  • Highly trained, remote operations teams ready to pick up and respond to alerts
  • Access to the latest technology, knowledge and people at competitive prices.

Emergency rental for lone workers

You can now rent devices and make use of our monitoring service for a short period. Where your staff face unexpected and challenging circumstances, we're here to help. 

More and more employers now find themselves with remote workforce. If any of your people work remotely on their own, as a responsible employer, you want to ensure they're looked after.

Our solutions have panic buttons, 'Person Down' tilt motion sensors and are connected to our Gold Standard Securitas Operations Centre. Our operators can track location, establish contact and determine if emergency service assistance is needed.


Before you commit to a contract, our emergency rental may be the right option. Details.


The full range of our Track and Trace offer:

Want to know more about how ‘Track and Trace’ could ensure the safety of your people, goods and vehicles?

We offer a range of devices and tracking apps to protect your business. Get in touch today to discuss. 

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