TWIG SOSCard: The Lone Worker ID Badge

Employers of lone workers must offer their employees the ability to alert help quickly and effectively should the worse happen. The TWIG SOS Card is a personal alarm device with an extensive range of protection functionalities. It is designed to ensure lone workers can fulfil their roles safely and in accordance with their employer’s legal responsibilities.

This device looks like a normal identity card. Depending on what risks might be present, the TWIG SOS Card can trigger an automatic ‘person down’ alarm when a user is unconscious. Additionally, when entering a risky situation, enhanced monitoring can be requested with its ‘Amber Alert’ function.

Key features of the TWIG SOS Card include:

  • Essential lone worker functionalities such as an SOS panic alarm, hands-free calling for emergency assistance and powerful vibration and loudspeaker
  • Effective communication in emergencies including interactive on-screen messaging and one touch voice calls
  • TWIG product lifecycle economies
  • A wide choice of locating means including: TWIG Point Netloc service for locating with cellular network, TWIG Point AGNSS service for faster location fix, TWIG Beacon SRD indoor locating devices and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled positioning
  • Discreet use, the device incorporates a silent alarm and is slim, light and user friendly.
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