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Securitas Intelligence Unit – a smart way to stay informed

Securitas Intelligence Unit (SIU) provides organisations with actionable intelligence in relation to global and local threats. Now available in four service level packages, these intelligence services make Risk Management manageable – and the fact that the SIU has been shortlisted for four industry awards is evidence of its effectiveness.

27 September 2021 10:00

Threats to an organisation can come from anywhere and in many forms, from criminal activity to catastrophic weather events. The purpose of the Securitas Intelligence Unit (SIU) is to identify these potential events and hazards before they pose a real and present danger to people, property or assets.
How does the SIU do it? Broadly, through a combination of cutting-edge technology and human insights. More specifically, by scrutinizing and expertly analysing a wealth of intelligence. Our intelligence officers use a global network of resources to gather an accurate, real-time view of risk from every quarter. This network encompasses open sources (OSINT), social media (SOCMINT), closed sources (including private sector intelligence, military, policing and academia), and our own global Securitas network.



Intelligence-led decision making for every business


By combining the capability of our technology platform together with the expertise of our analysts we deliver accurate, timely intelligence to give businesses the decision-making advantage, and confidence, to manage risks.

Each organisation has a unique risk profile influenced by several factors including the nature of the business, the vulnerability of its people and the geographic location it operates in, which is why our intelligence services are available at four different subscription levels. Whether it’s regular situational awareness, targeted alerts, information about specific threats to a business or a need for a full-time intelligence analyst, we’ll help effectively mitigate the risks to any business.

Shortlisted for multiple industry awards

It’s testimony to the SIU’s effectiveness that it has recently been shortlisted in no fewer than four different categories at the forthcoming CIR Risk Managements Awards*. These awards recognise the individuals, teams and organisation that have significantly added to the understanding and practice of risk management. Being shortlisted is recognition of the range of intelligence products and services the SIU has provided to businesses of all sizes and sectors throughout the pandemic. “Covid-19 has not only challenged risk management, it has challenged the way organisations operate, and the way people live their lives,” comments Mike Evans, Head of Intelligence at Securitas. “The SIU’s COVID-19 products and services have delivered organisations and individuals with accurate, timely and relevant actionable intelligence, helping them manage risk, realise opportunities, maximise resources and operational effectiveness.”
The winners will be announced on 4 November 2021 at the Awards Gala Dinner – and you can trust our intelligence sources to report back on what happens that night.

*Continuity, Insurance and Risk


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