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04 December 2017

On the eve of the UK Security Expo 2017, Craig Robb, Securitas Chief Commercial Officer, spoke to the organisers about the latest trends in security and why the security of the future is a combination of people, technology and knowledge.


What needs to be addressed to improve the security industry as a whole?

The Security industry is changing.

Security of the future will focus on the combination of people, technology and knowledge moving from a traditional guarding and transactional commodity approach, to value driven, predictive total security solutions.

Investment in new technologies is essential: intelligent security solutions using client and industry data to analyse risks by geography, sector and customer will become the norm.

And with a greater focus on security as a specialisation, we must strive to improve the perception of both the traditional security officer and the security industry as a whole within the UK.

At Securitas UK, our City and Guilds approved Protective Services Officer programme, the only one of its kind, signifies a step change in how we train and value professional security personnel.

And our work with the Living Wage Foundation, reflects our commitment to increase the skills and expertise of our officers and bring an end to low pay in the sector.  

Are you seeing a shift at Securitas in customers’ security requirements compared to 5 years ago?

Absolutely, our customers are far more aware of the importance of specialisation and how effective corporate risk management strategies can protect them from the fluid nature of risk.

Five years ago security was considered to be a necessary purchase with limited visibility as to why it was required and the effect the provision was actually having in protecting the end users. However, we have evolved from providing largely traditional guarding services, where physical presence used to be a standalone feature, into collaborative partnerships that utilise a range of protective services that work in harmony to safeguard our customers. 

At Securitas our ability to offer real value through our six protective services, including fire and safety, is a key differentiator in the industry. And with our global footprint, we are at the forefront of innovation as we move towards predictive security deployment -  providing intelligent pro-active security which no other company can offer. 

Have we got security training and education right and how can we improve?

Two years ago Securitas UK invested in a proprietary City & Guilds approved Learning and Development programme, Protective Services Officer (PSO), to help drive industry standards forward.

No other organisation offers the level of training and development we do, and we are very proud to be working in partnership with City & Guilds to provide tangible qualifications for our Protective Services Officers.

Historically we’ve expected security professionals to have a broad range of skills, for example first aid and fire marshal training, even though officers were often paid the minimum wage.

This seemed absurd given the level of knowledge and skills needed, so we are committed in our work with the Living Wage Foundation to reflect the skills and expertise of our officers and bring an end to low pay in the sector.  

Are there any new technologies that excite you and are there any areas you think technology needs to develop?

Securitas are hugely excited to be bringing extensive technology and innovation to the market. We are working with a number of global partners including Microsoft to develop innovative products such as AR patrol systems, VR fire training systems and autonomous robots to name but a few examples.

Longer term, our global vision demonstrates how Securitas will be the number one intelligent security company beyond 2020.

What are the key pieces of advice you give to board directors you meet with?

Technology and customer needs are evolving. Security no longer simply involves a lone security officer with a flashlight, nor the passive gaze of a security camera. The security of the future is a combination of people, technology and knowledge.

Our holistic approach to providing security through a combination of protective services and the best-trained people in the industry will keep people and businesses safe. 

I’d encourage board directors to look beyond the traditional ways of working, embrace change and technology, and look to build a long term sustainable partnership with a global intelligent security company, such as Securitas.

What is Securitas’ key message to the audience at UK Security Expo 2017?

Securitas gives complete peace of mind by blending people, technology and knowledge.

No other security provider layers six Protective Services to deliver total protection; On-siteMobileElectronic and Remote SecurityFire & Safety and Corporate Risk Management will keep your people, property and assets safe.

In the UK all our officers will be qualified Protective Services Officers (PSOs) by 2020 whilst over 335,000 Securitas colleagues in 54 countries, are making the world a safer place, every day.


The article first appeared at https://www.uksecurityexpo.com/security-news/we-speak-to-chief-commercial-officer-of-securitas