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Onsite Security

People should feel as safe on your site as they do at home, and we can help make sure they do. With experience across a vast range of locations and business premises, we know the different threats that can arise, and our security personnel are trained to handle them. You can rely on us to reduce your risk and respond rapidly when required.

Ensuring Safety, Enhancing Security

At Securitas UK, we understand that your premises require more than just protection—they need assurance. With our extensive experience across diverse locations and business environments, we mitigate various threats to safeguard your people, assets, and reputation.

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Comprehensive Onsite Security Solutions

Protective Service Officers (PSO)

Our SIA-licensed Protective Service Officers (PSOs) are rigorously trained in counter-terrorism, customer experience, first aid, fire risk management, and mental health awareness. They provide a reliable presence, ensuring your site remains secure and prepared to respond swiftly to any incidents.


Canine Services

Our trained canines offer sweeping and detection services for drugs, explosives, and firearms, enhancing your security protocols with proactive measures.


Screening and Checkpoints

We conduct thorough screenings of individuals, vehicles, baggage, and cargo to fortify your site's defenses against potential threats.


Crime Scene Guarding

In the event of incidents, our officers are adept at securing crime scenes promptly and professionally, maintaining the integrity of your premises.


First Response Capabilities

Our PSOs are equipped to handle emergencies, including fires and other critical incidents, ensuring a prompt and effective initial response.

Why Choose Securitas UK?

  • Expertise and Training: Our PSOs undergo specialized training tailored to their operational environment, ensuring they deliver high-quality service consistently.
  • Retention and Continuity: With high retention rates, we provide continuity of service, building long-term partnerships based on reliability and trust.
  • Tailored Solutions: We adapt our services to meet your specific needs, offering scalable and flexible security solutions that evolve with your business.
  • Global Consistency: Whether you have multiple sites locally or globally, expect consistent service standards and operational excellence.
  • Technology-Driven Security: We leverage data and technology to optimize our onsite services, minimizing risks and enhancing efficiency.
  • Accreditations: Securitas UK is accredited by BSIA (British Security Industry Association) and EFCC (European Fire and Security Group), ensuring compliance with industry standards and best practices.
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Peace of mind

Send an enquiry today to start your quote and to find out how we combine cutting edge technology with real time intelligence to keep you and your business safe.

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