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CCTV Alarm Monitoring

CCTV alarm monitoring uses cctv camera systems to keep a careful eye on your business' site 24/7, providing you with peace of mind. Installing cctv alarm monitoring within your business means that an experienced professional is ready to respond to any threats at any time of the day or night, reducing the potential impact of any theft or damage.

Mobile security services and patrols

Always ready to respond

Are you worried about who is on your sight when your not there, or, concerned about the cost of a break in to your business? Our monitored CCTV deters damage and theft. If a fire or intruder alarm is activated, our security operatives at the Securitas operation centre (SOC) will immediately intervene, reviewing both live feeds and recorded footage from the camera prior to the time the alarm went off to see what the trigger was. Depending on which camera system you have opted for, our operatives can then issue an audio warning alerting the perpetrator to the fact that they are being watched. Following this the SOC will immediately send a mobile patrol team to the site to investigate further.

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We don't just record crime, we prevent it.

There is nothing worse than that sinking feeling you experience when you discover a break in. More frustrating still is the task of reviewing poor quality footage. Having a monitored CCTV system not only relieves you of having to labour over hours of footage but it can also prevent the crime from having ever taken place. Virtual perimeter patrols and real-time audio warnings prevent break-in and theft by staying one step ahead of criminals and acting the moment an intruder steps foot on your premises.

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Here for your business when you can't be

When you choose a security solution from Securitas, we tailor it to your needs. We advise you in choosing the right solution and coordinate the implementation of the solution. You even have the option of getting the solution at a fixed monthly price meaning that you avoid unexpected expenses and large start-up costs. Instead, you get a transparent security solution and one point of contact, so you can always get help when you need it. All alarm systems you purchase through Securitas are directly connected to our control centre. Here our skilled and professional team operate 24/7. This means that our control centre can respond quickly and send out patrols when the need arises.

"Securitas’ proposal was very thorough, and we appreciated the fact that they didn’t try to sell us anything we didn’t need"

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