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Locking and unlocking

Do your premises need unlocking and locking at times that are hard to manage? Do employees or contractors sometimes need access out of usual working hours? What happens if the person responsible for opening or closing the building away is off sick?

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The reassuringly easy option

Instead of asking staff to take on the responsibility, time commitment and potential risks associated with locking and unlocking your premises, trust us to do it. Just tell us when you want us there and you can rely on our licensed officers to be there at the allocated times. We’re not just there to let people in and close up when they leave, we will also look after your premises as if they are our own.

Responsible, reliable and capable

When opening up, our trained officers will turn off alarms and ensure the building is safe and operational; we can also brief them to make any other specific checks you require. When locking up, they will make sure that the building is safe to be left, switching off non-essential lights and equipment, closing windows and securing doors, gates and setting alarms. They will also do a sweep of the premises to verify that everyone has gone.

This locking and unlocking service is reliable and cost effective, whether you choose to use it on regular basis or just as a temporary stand-in solution. For added convenience, you might want to think about using this service in combination with our keyholding option.


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