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Locking and Unlocking: Secure peace of mind

Unlock peace of mind with our reliable locking and unlocking services, ensuring the security of your premises at all times

Locking and unlocking business premises - part of mobile security services | Securitas UK

Secure peace of mind

Save asking your staff to take on the responsibility of managing your security and entrust trained professionals with the task. All you need to do is tell us when you need us there and our licensed officers will handle the rest. We don't just manage access; we prioritise safety and care treating your premises as if they were our own.

Ensure safety and functionality

Our trained officers take responsibility for ensuring the safety and functionality of your premises. With attention to detail and a unwavering commitment, our trained officers carefully oversee all security aspects, guaranteeing a safe and welcoming environment for everyone on your premises.


Unlocking: ensuring a safe start

When opening up, our trained officers will deactivate alarms and conduct the necessary checks as per your instructions.

Locking: securing your premises

When closing, they ensure the building's secure and ensure all lights are switched off, windows are closed and alarms are set. A thorough sweep of the premises guarantees everyone has departed safely.

Our locking and unlocking service guarantees reliability and cost-effectiveness, whether utilised regularly or temporarily. For added convenience, you might want to think about using this service in combination with our keyholding option.

"Securitas has been working with us for 10 years. They provide a brilliant, proactive service"

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