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Alarm Response, responding so you don't have to

There are many different roles independent business owners have to take, but one role that we aim to remove from the list is security! This is why the Alarm Response service is ideal to ensure you can switch off once the Alarms are switched on.

  • Rapid response

    Firstly, we visually assess the premises from the outside conducting a dynamic hot risk assessment. The faster you respond to a fire or intruder, the less damage your business. An alarm response system ensures that disruptive and unwanted journeys are not part of your job description.

  • Relax

    When responding to your alarm, patrols and checks are immediately carried out. We will check your external and internal premises and interrogate the alarm system to establish the reason and area of alarm activation, allowing you and your team a healthy work-life balance.

  • Rest assured

    We ensure the correct action is taken following an alarm call-out, such as resetting the alarm or contacting the emergency services depending on the situation. Your company will be prepared in the event of any emergency.

Securitas - Alarm response and keyholding

You Respond to Emails and Let Professionals Respond to The Alarm

What is Alarm Response? Alarm Response enables business owners to feel more at ease with the security of their business, preventing business owners from putting themselves in harm's way. The Alarm Response is a service that is on call to respond to any out-of-hours alarm activation at your business premises.

CCTV alarm monitoring for your business

How does Alarm Response work?

The monitored alarm in the business's premises will be linked to an Alarm Receiving Centre (in the case of Securitas UK, this is the Securitas Operations Centre, SOC). If an alarm goes off, SOC will quickly dispatch a mobile team of fully trained security officers to investigate the cause and take appropriate action.


  • Alarm response FAQs


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