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Alarm response

Whether it's responding to a false alarm, a crime in progress or an escalating fire, you don't have to put yourself in harms way. In an emergency, when your alarm goes off, you can depend on our alarm response team to keep your business safe.

Response alarms for your business

We respond to alarm activations, so you don’t have to. A response alarm system or Level 1 alarm, can help create security for you and your business and at the same time, ensure that you meet the insurance requirements needed in the event of a break-in or fire. Our nationwide alarm response service means you can rest easy knowing that fully-trained, local security officers will be on hand to respond to any alarm or CCTV activations on your behalf, any time of day or night - leaving you to focus on what matters.

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Always ready to respond

With professional alarm response and monitored security alarms you’ve done more than just install a fire or theft alarm device. It means you’ve invested in professional support to look after your premises 24 hours a day and respond to any threats. No matter what time of the day or night, we will quickly assess the situation. Our highly trained operators and qualified Mobile Patrol Officers will know what to look for on arrival and determine the potential risks, type or emergency and how to deal with it safely - we are there for your business when you can’t be.

  • Rapid response

    Firstly we visually assess the premises from the outside conducting a dynamic hot risk assessment. The faster you respond to a fire or intruder, the less damage to your business. By having an alarm response system in place you can ensure that disruptive and unwanted journeys are a thing of the past.

  • We've got it covered

    When responding to your alarm patrols and checks are immediately carried out. We will check your external and internal premises and interrogate the alarm system to establish the reason and area of alarm activation. This means there’s less disruption to you and your team’s work/life balance.

  • Rest assured

    We ensure the correct action is taken following a alarm call-out, such as resetting the alarm or depending on the situation contacting the emergency services. You can ensure you'r fully prepared in the event of an emergency.

Part of an overall security solution

Our alarm response service works best when combined with our dedicated keyholding service. That’s because if we don’t have access to your site, our officer will need to meet one of your existing keyholders in order to investigate the alarm. As a trusted keyholder for your business, we’ll securely hold a set of keys to your site, which our officers can use to gain access when responding to alarm activations, or if you’d like us to carry out regular security patrols.

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Here for your business when you can't be

When you choose a security solution from Securitas, we tailor it to your needs. We advise you in choosing the right solution and coordinate the implementation of the solution. You even have the option of getting the solution at a fixed monthly price meaning that you avoid unexpected expenses and large start-up costs. Instead, you get a transparent security solution and one point of contact, so you can always get help when you need it.

All alarm systems you purchase through Securitas are directly connected to our control center. Here our skilled and professional team operatorate 24/7. This means that our control center can respond quickly and send out patrols when the need arises.

Read through some of our FAQs below to find out more.

  • FAQs

Why choose us?

We can work with your existing suppliers or install the latest security technology, to ensure you have the very best alarm monitoring in place. Could CCTV or video cameras help you?

  • Our security experts can quickly identify the risks and immediately alert the appropriate emergency services.
  • We can despatch Protective Service Officers to your site within minutes.
  • Our skilled operators are there 24/7, handling over 2,000 calls and actioning over 900 alarm activations, every day.
  • Our state-of-the-art SOC, built to the new European NSI Gold standard, is the first to be accredited in the UK.
  • All incidents are clearly reported to help identify future risks and advise on intelligent preventative measures.


Peace of mind

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