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Security intelligence services

Increasingly sophisticated criminal and terrorist groups, advancing cybercrime and emerging environmental and geopolitical events create an ever-changing risk landscape. But whatever the threat may be, you can trust the expertise of the Securitas Intelligence Unit (SIU) to help protect your interests.

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Threats to your business don’t come from nowhere, they come from somewhere. So, our experienced intelligence officers draw upon a global network to gather an accurate, real-time view of risk from every quarter. Using open sources (OSINT), social media (SOCMINT), closed sources (including private sector intelligence, military, policing and academia), and our global Securitas network, we throw the net wide and we dig deep.
We then apply years of expertise and insight to combine this intelligence with our understanding of your operations, locations and other relevant factors. The result is advanced, real-time analysis of threats that might impact your organisation. With this relevant, actionable intelligence you can take appropriate action to mitigate the risk.


We offer three core intelligence solutions:

  • Alerting – of threats and security incidents with the potential to cause impact or disruption. Early warning, and notification of threats and security incidents with the potential to cause impact or disruption.
  • Analysis – Intelligence reports and targeted monitoring to help clients understand the threats they face, the risks these pose, and how to address them.
  • Investigations – leading and supporting investigations into a ‘threat’, defensive screening to identify vulnerabilities, or any other investigative work.

These core solutions can combine with Securitas’ other protective services (Mobile guarding, On-site guarding, Remote guarding, Electronic security, and Fire & Safety services) to deliver intelligence-led security for your people, property and assets.


The right level of intelligence

There are four service levels to choose from:

  • Bronze – situational awareness of threats, the risk they pose, and security related developments. 300+ reports per year, providing accessible intelligence to organisations of all sizes and industries.
  • Silver – targeted alerts for events within proximity of your locations, to help safeguard people, property, and assets. When an incident is identified, we will issue you with an alert.
  • Gold – a bespoke solution, providing actionable intelligence on specific threats to your organisation, operations, and brand.
  • Platinum – an embedded analyst service, complete with SIU support, provides you with unlimited intelligence resource and expertise.

Experience is everything

With a breadth of experience working across a wide range of sectors including police, military, government and private sector intelligence our team of analysts provide timely intelligence and notifications on major threats and incidents that affect our customers. Our market leading intelligence system means we are monitoring the risk of threat and harm 24/7, and supporting our customers with actionable intelligence to protect their people, property and assets.

Connecting the dots #3

How Intelligence can manage risks and realise opportunities Michael Evans, our Head of Intelligence talks about how Securitas stay informed and in control with intelligence-led decision making and how early warning of both direct and indirect threats can help your business.


Peace of mind

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