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Our values

Securitas Values

They make us who we are

From the very beginning, our founder Erik Philip-Sörensen set the highest professional standards. Constantly looking for new technologies and with an uncompromising attention to work ethics, our standards are articulated in our values.

Our values of integrity, vigilance and helpfulness are a foundation for our employees. The three dots in our logo represent these three core values.


Trust us with your premises and valuables, because we’re honest and act with integrity. We’re transparent with you too – making life easier and safer.


It’s the little things that others might not spot. We keep our eyes and ears open for potential risks and incidents, ready to evaluate and act.


Going above and beyond is what we do. It’s not about “his” or “her” job. It’s about being there, no matter what.

  • Securitas Values and Ethics Code

    • Securitas Values and Ethics Code 2020.pdf
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