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Securitas Group

Making your world a safer place is our mission. Each day, we protect clients across the globe. Small business or big corporate, you matter.

Gobal but local:

  • A single point of contact
  • More resource by consolidating suppliers
  • Full compliance with market laws and regulations
  • Customised reports and cross-border security
  • Local and international monitoring.
  • Total sales MSEK 107,700 (107,954) 
  • Organic sales growth 4 percent (0) 
  • Operating margin 5.6 percent (4.5) 
  • Proposed dividend:  SEK 4.40/share
  • 153,000 clients
  • Client retention: 90%
  • 345,000 employees


Our operations

Securitas has operations in 47 markets with more than 1 300 branch offices. We are organized in three business segments: Security Services North America, Security Services Europe and Security Services Ibero-America. We also have operations in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Australia, which form the AMEA division, which is included in Other.


Share of Group sales per segment

  • North America 43%
  • Europe 43%
  • Ibero-America 11%
  • Other 3%


Our offering

Securitas has the most comprehensive protective services portfolio in the industry, and we continuously innovate our offerings with solutions tailored to our clients' businesses and needs. This enables us to pursue partnerships where we develop in tandem with our clients.

  • On-site guarding
  • Mobile guarding
  • Aviation security
  • Electronic security
  • Fire and safety services
  • Enterprise risk management


Security Operation Centers (SOC)

Our Security Operation Centers (SOCs) is where the magic happens. We take the breadth of our experience, our knowledge, our skills and combine that with state-of-the-art technology to manage your security needs quickly and efficiently.

Learn more about our SOCs

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