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Vacant property inspections

If your premises are lying empty, you may be worried about the risk of criminal damage such as burglary or vandalism. A vacant property is more vulnerable to undetected fires and flooding, squatters, fly-tipping and there’s also the added danger of legionella bacteria building up in stagnant water systems.

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To counteract these risks, your building insurance provider is likely to require that you put extra management and security measures in place to safeguard the vacant property.

Some businesses deploy additional guarding manpower and use other suppliers to inspect and report back on the condition of the property. This piecemeal approach can increase both your administrative workload and your outgoings. In contrast, our range of direct inspection, mobile patrols and remote surveillance options can be integrated and tailored to provide a cost-effective solution to your needs.

With a 9000+ nationwide team, we can carry out vacant property checks on single or multiple sites across the UK.

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We will inspect your property as often as you or your insurance company require and send you regular reports from the site. These inspections include internal and external walk-throughs checking for damage and identifying causes, testing and setting alarms, and running taps and toilets to regularly flush fresh water through the systems. If our officers discover any issues they will respond quickly and alert you straight away. We can also take meter readings on your behalf.

Our randomly timed mobile security officers in marked vehicles provide an effective visual deterrent to would-be burglars, squatters and vandals. We can also provide world-class remote CCTV and alarm monitoring and alarm response – if an alarm is triggered, one of our mobile teams will be swiftly despatched to investigate the cause.

Our keyholding, locking and unlocking services ensures authorised personnel, such as contractors, can gain access to the building without you or your staff being inconvenienced.

With a free, no obligation site survey and risk assessment process , we are here to help you decide which combination of these services is appropriate for your needs.


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