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Policies, Procedures and Reports

    • Securitas AB Annual and Sustainability Report 2020.pdf
    • Securitas Group tax policy 2020 UK.pdf
    • Securitas AB interim report - January-September 2020.pdf
    • Securitas UK Covid-19 Secure Statement - September 2020.pdf
    • Health Safety Welfare Policy 2020 SSH (UK).pdf
    • Securitas UK - Conditions of Purchase.pdf
    • Environmental Policy 2020 SSH (UK).pdf
    • Securitas Quality Policy Statement 2020.pdf
    • Annual and Sustainability Report 2019.pdf
    • Gender Pay Gap Report - 2021.pdf
    • Gender Pay Gap Report - 2020.pdf
    • Gender Pay Gap Report - 2019.pdf
    • Securitas SOC Operations Manual.pdf
    • Trading Disclosures.pdf
    • Responsible disclosure
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