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Remote Security

Secure your site and operations with remote security that combines technology with response. Specialists within our Securitas Operations Centre monitor CCTV and alarm systems 24/7 to identify threats and respond appropriately. Remote security can also protect your lone workers and valuable assets and be used to manage entry and exit points.

Suitable for sites of every size

Remote security is a cost-effective way to protect any aspect of your operation that could be vulnerable to intruders, criminal damage, or other threats such as fire.

If an alarm is triggered or untoward activity observed on CCTV, officers at our Securitas Operations Centre (SOC) will assess the risk and take appropriate action. The response may be an audible warning to deter would-be intruders (via the surveillance camera system, if fitted with this feature), or we might despatch a Mobile Security team to investigate further. In the event of a fire or large-scale disturbance we will alert the emergency services and direct them to the scene. Remote security offers more than just peace of mind:

Other applications for remote security

As well as monitoring CCTV and alarm systems at your site, the SOC will respond to alerts from lone worker alarms or trackers on high value goods or equipment. The GPS on these devices enable us to direct Mobile Security crews to an individual needing help, or to trace the whereabouts of stolen assets.

Remote security can enhance your operations, by controlling access and exit points by identifying (via CCTV) those who are authorised to be there. The data gathered can also be used to extract insight and intelligence, for example about the movement of people around the site or key vulnerabilities.

Our remote security services cover

  • Alarm monitoring – Our trained staff monitor alarms including intruder detection, fire, CCTV and personal or property devices
  • Security escort – using CCTV video surveillance our SOC team will monitor the safety of your staff, for example when locking up alone at night
  • Area protection – strategically placed CCTV cameras can be monitored to create a ‘virtual fence’ around your site or specific areas within it
  • Entry and exit control – using CCTV we can confirm and enable authorised entry and exit to your site
  • Remote patrols – like Mobile Patrols, remote patrols can be arranged to check the CCTV feed from your site at regular or random times


Why choose us?

  • The combination of our Security Operations Centre (SOC) monitoring, mobile security teams and keyholding services enables a seamless and appropriate response
  • We can provide an end-to-end solution that includes supply, installation, monitoring and maintenance of your systems or provide monitoring and management services only
  • The SOC is accredited by the NSI Gold Scheme
  • SOC monitoring systems are compatible with 99% of alarm monitoring transmitter types
  • Calls are picked up within seconds



Improving site security while driving down costs

Our security solution combined effectiveness and affordability and delivered 75% cost-savings. Read how we helped the largest independent commercial vehicle dealer group in the UK.

Case study


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