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Emergency Fire Crew Capability

Fire Emergency Crew - careers at Securitas

Would you like to join our EFCC crew?

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What is EFCC?

Securitas partners with several UK Fire Services to provide Emergency Fire Crew Capability (EFCC). EFCC are mobilised in the event of a major incident, pandemic, industrial action or any event which could reduce normal fire service capability. Securitas is the only security provider to offer this unique service, and has more than 600 trained EFCC on standby and ready to mobilise.

Find out what inspired Georgia to join EFCC and why she thinks you should sign up!

How do I get involved?

If you meet EFCC health requirements and your application is approved, you’ll join other EFCC recruits for an action packed 12-day training course at the Fire Safety College in Gloucestershire. Expenses and training accommodation will be met by Securitas.

Through a mix of practical exercises and classroom based theory you'll learn:

  • Hose running
  • Hydrant operation
  • Pump operation
  • Ladder climbing
  • HAZMAT (decontamination training)
  • Road Traffic Collision (RTC) training – the use of hydraulic cutting equipment
  • First Aid training
  • Breathing apparatus training search and rescue
  • Offensive firefighting
  • Defensive firefighting
  • Scenario exercises.

As a trained member of the Securitas EFCC you may be mobilised at any time.


  • Learning

    You’ll learn valuable new skills and enhance your career prospects

  • Training

    You’ll be trained by the very best in the industry. Many of our trainers are former firefighters or still serve with a fire brigade

  • Exclusivity

    Securitas is the only security company to offer this service, so you’ll be part of a unique team. The largest fire contingency team in the UK in fact!

  • Meaning

    EFCC not only offers interesting work, but if deployed, gives you the chance to protect lives and property

  • Relevance

    Following your initial 2-week training, the annual 6-day CPD refresher training will keep you up to date on skills and the latest fire safety information

  • Income

    You’ll be paid during your two-week training period, your annual CPD refresher and whilst you are deployed

Ben's story

For Ben, EFCC is an amazing opportunity which sits alongside his day job as a Security Officer.

What does he think about EFCC? Watch the video and be inspired.

How do I apply?

If you think you’ve got what it takes, please visit the online information pack which also includes details on how to apply. Remember, you don't need to work for Securitas, but you must be able to meet EFCC health requirements and be passionate about protecting people and property through fire safety.

See the Online Information Pack
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