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Have you got a query about applying for a role or working at Securitas? Check out the answers to the most frequently asked questions.


Can anyone work in the security industry?

Yes! There are a huge variety of roles in the industry - from front of house security trained receptionists, static and mobile officers and on site supervisors to team leaders, branch managers, sales and all the "behind the scenes" roles such as HR, Legal, IT, Learning and Development, Marketing, Communication and Finance.


Will I need an SIA licence?

Generally speaking specific security roles including those on client sites will require an SIA licence. Check the job description for the role you are applying for as it will advise if an SIA is required.

I do not have an SIA licence. Will you cover the cost to get one?

This will depend on the role you are applying for. If we offer you a position, we can help you obtain your SIA licence during your initial training, if your new role requires one.

What shifts patterns are available?

This depends on the role you are applying for and our clients' needs. We recruit casual, part-time, fixed hour and permanent roles, covering a variety of shift patterns.

Where can I find a job in my area?

Find your perfect role on our current vacancies page . Use the location drop down box to select the area.


Training and development

Will I receive training?

Yes. From your initial induction and any role specific training i.e. Protective Services Officer training for all security officers, we'll make sure you have the skills and knowledge you need to fulfill your role.
You can access a range of courses using our online learning management system and we provide on the job training, coaching and even mentoring too.

I'd like to continue developing. How can I progress my career?

There are plenty of opportunities for career progression in Securitas, both in the UK and globally. You can add to your skills, take on a role in a different part of the business, or even stay where you are, safe in the knowledge that we'll always help you maximise your potential.
Whatever your career goals, we'll help get you there.


Interview and recruitment process

What do I need to bring for my interview?

You'll need to bring proof of your Right To Work in the UK and two proofs of address. Check out full details here and if you have anu questions contact your recruiting manager.

What checks do you make before I start?

We screen all candidates to British Standards BS7858 which requires candidates to provide a five year employment or education history with no more than one gap over 31 days in the last five years and this should be less than six months.
You will also be required to provide a five year address history. We have a dedicated screening team who work with each candidate to complete screening as quickly as possible.

How long does screening take?

Iinitial screening can take up to 4 weeks, however, this depends on you providing all the required information. Once you have passed initial vetting, the remaining screening process can take another 8 weeks.

Can I work before my screening is complete?

Once you have passed initial vetting, you will receive a start date and can start work. However, your employment will be subject to passing the remaining screening process.

I have applied but haven't heard back. Who can I contact?

Contact the recruiting manager directly through our recruitment system - it's the same system you used to apply for the role.

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