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Manufacturing sector

Manufacturing sites are often large, high traffic locations with numerous access points, housing expensive equipment and supplies. This combination of factors creates vulnerabilities. However, with our integrated security solutions you can be confident of having cost effective protection across your site, around the clock.

Threats to your site can come from intruders, saboteurs, vandals, fire and flood. Our role is to identify the security risks within your manufacturing facility and propose solutions to mitigate against them. The starting point is a comprehensive site survey to identify potential weak spots, conducted by our experienced risk assessors. This is followed by a costed proposal outlining the combination of protective services best suited to the needs of your site and its operations. 


State of the art surveillance and access control 

The physical presence of security officers remains a valuable resource, but increasingly manufacturers are finding that much of this guarding role can be replaced by a highly effective technology approach. This is particularly true for manufacturing sites that cover a wide area and may comprise several different buildings such as production and storage facilities, offices, staff canteens and rest areas and more – using man guarding to secure these sites around the clock is costly. 

Our advanced technology solutions can give you 24/7 coverage of every area of your site. The end-to-end service we offer means we can supply, install, monitor and maintain a variety of remote systems, or you can choose to use our monitoring and management services only. Available technologies include: Access control, Digital CCTV surveillance for internal and external/perimeters as well as, Audio warnings issued via the system directly from our monitoring centre  

If you have multiple sites, we can develop a security ‘blueprint’ for you and configure it to the specific needs of each location.


Mobile services 

Our mobile teams can conduct regular or random patrols of your site – their uniformed presence and marked vehicles are reassuring for staff and act as a deterrent to would be intruders. They can also provide key holding and response services if an intruder or fire alarm is triggered out of hours. Delegating this responsibility to our mobile teams is much safer than putting yourself or a member of staff in a potentially dangerous situation.  

Staff may also be vulnerable if working alone on site or when unlocking/locking the premises at the start/end of the day. In these circumstances, our lone worker escort service provides protection and peace of mind. 


Sector expertise

As the preferred security provider for many manufacturing clients, we have extensive sector experience.

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Security solutions for multiple and diverse sites

An insight into how our approach to security solutions secures Hilti’s retail sites and distribution centre which holds high value stock, cutting edge power tools and advanced human augmentation exoskeletons.

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