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Educational leaders want their students and staff to feel secure and happy within the academic environment. And parents want to know that the right precautions are in place to keep their children safe. With our extensive sector experience, you can be confident of our ability to meet these needs and expectations.

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Security options for every school, college and campus 

A key part of our role as your security partner is to create a positive, welcoming environment as well as a safe space. During term time, university campuses, colleges and schools are high traffic sites with students, staff, suppliers and service providers coming and going at all times – even more so during Registration, Open Days and Graduation ceremonies. Out of hours and throughout holidays when only skeleton staff may be present, property and assets are more at risk so our services remain essential.

Take a look at how our security capabilities and experience can meet the needs of your entire estate with appropriate combinations of remote surveillance, security trained personnel and mobile patrols. 


Site-wide solutions 

Whatever the nature of your establishment, we start with a detailed risk assessment to identify potential threats and security weak spots. These will range from unauthorised access, theft, vandalism, fire, flood and irresponsible or risky behaviour by students. Having identified all needs we recommend an integrated solution that could encompass any or all of our protective services. 

Our security officers become part of your campus team, getting to know the students and providing a friendly, reassuring presence. Recognising that our officers may well be the first port of call in the event of an urgent welfare situation, they undergo an awareness training programme to help them identify and support individuals with wellbeing issues. The visible presence of uniformed officers also acts as a deterrent to any would-be perpetrator – and of course, they’re first on the scene of an accident, fire or any activity that might put students’ health or safety at risk. Our end-to-end technology solutions include supply, installation, monitoring and maintenance of a variety of systems whicih can be monitored remotly or from an on site control room.

Securitas is a member of the Association of University Chief Security Officers, and we have a representative on the panel of both the Eastern Region Counter Terrorism Group and the Police Advisory Group.  



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We provide security services for many schools and universities around the UK, these case studies provide more information on the services we offer

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