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Alarm Monitoring

In alarm monitoring, monitored security allows you to go further than installing a simple fire or theft alarm device. It means you've invested in professional support to look after your premises 24 hours a day and notify you of any threats.

Monitored alarm and security system

Don't Be Your Own Security

Alarm monitoring means no business owner has to be their security, as the business is monitored 24/7. Combined with our Alarm Response service, a trained security team or the appropriate professionals will investigate the potential threat if an alert is made, ensuring you can clock off from work when the workday ends.

Manage Multiple Sites Securely

In such instances that a fire or intruder alarm is triggered, our expert security operatives stationed at the Securitas Operation Center (SOC) swiftly review camera footage to pinpoint the cause even before the alarm sounds. Through live camera feeds, we provide real-time assessment of unfolding events. Our cutting-edge systems even enable operatives to issue audio warnings, deterring potential perpetrators. Should the situation demand it, our SOC can dispatch a mobile patrol team to the site for further investigation.

Regardless of if you're a solo operator or managing a network of multiple locations, rest assured that all your sites are under secure surveillance for enhanced security.


Discover value with our bundle offers! Combine security services with our packages designed just for you.

Wondering which package is perfect for your business? We've got three tailored packages designed for companies of varying sizes, giving you a glimpse into how we can safeguard your interests. Having trouble deciding? No problem at all – our security experts are here to assist you in selecting the ideal package before you make any commitments. Just get in touch, and we'll give you a call. Pricing may vary, T&C's apply.

What can you expect?

When it comes to the security of your business, there's no room for compromise. Our alarm monitoring services provide you with peace of mind and swift action when you need it most. Here's what you can expect:

Prompt Response

When your alarm triggers, our trained professionals within our Securitas Operations Centre are on hand to monitor and respond to threats 24/7. Our dedicated team of alarm monitoring experts is on standby to alert the nominated keyholding and alarm response team, ensuring a rapid and effective response to any situation.

Vigilant Monitoring

We keep a watchful eye on your alarms around the clock. Our proactive approach means potential threats are detected and addressed swiftly, minimising risks to your property and assets.

Comprehensive Protection

If you chose to combine keyholding, alarm response, and monitoring, we can provide comprehensive protection for your business. Whether it's routine checks or critical situations, our services ensure your property remains secure at all times.

"Securitas’ solutions-led approach has significantly improved security while reducing our costs."

WATMOS Success with Alarm Monitoring

Discover how WATMOS, a leading housing association, transformed their security approach with us. Through cutting-edge BriefCam technology, WATMOS slashed CCTV monitoring costs by 20% in year one, with projections of an 85% saving thereafter.

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