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Alarm Monitoring

In alarm monitoring, monitored security allows you to go further than installing a simple fire or theft alarm device. It means you've invested in professional support to look after your premises 24 hours a day and notify you of any threats.

  • Rapid response

    The faster the response, the less damage, so let Securitas respond for your business. An alarm monitoring system can ensure your attention is always where it needs to be - focusing on growing your business.

  • Relax

    You can leave fire safety and intruder responses to high-quality professionals, so there's less disruption to you and your team's work/life balance. Our skilled operators will be there for you even when the 9-to-5 ends.

  • Rest assured

    Some insurers require fire alarm monitoring as a condition of cover. Using a monitored alarm means ensuring your company is fully covered and prepared for any emergency.

Monitored alarm and security system

Don't Be Your Own Security

Alarm monitoring means no business owner has to be their security, as the business is monitored 24/7. Combined with our Alarm Response service, a trained security team or the appropriate professionals will investigate the potential threat if an alert is made, ensuring you can clock off from work when the workday ends.

Business CCTV cameras - CCTV monitoring

You employ professionals, so hire professionals for your security.

Suppose a fire or intruder alarm is activated. In that case, security operatives at the Securitas operation centre (SOC) can review footage from the camera before the alarm goes off to see the trigger. Here we can look at the live camera feeds to assess what is happening in real time. Some of our systems have functionality that allows the operative to issue an audio warning, so the perpetrator is aware that they are being watched. If necessary, our SOC will send a mobile patrol team to the site to investigate further.

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