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Remote access management

Ideal for sensitive or unmanned sites or those with few people present, remote access management allows on-demand entry/exit for authorised personnel. It is a cost-effective, flexible, and reliable solution that can be deployed day and night, eliminating the need to have security guards manning gates, doors or other points of access.

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Remote entry/exit management allows doors, gates and other locks to be opened and closed without requiring a physical presence. The service uses remote monitoring by our operatives at the Securitas Operations Centre (SOC) while a person or vehicle is at the site entrance/exit or inside the secured area. A live video feed enables the operative to verify an individual’s right to enter/leave in line with your access protocols. We check their identity, confirm authorisation, track and record activity, and report any exceptions.

Two-way communication

Using our Remote Video Solutions (RVS), the operator can initiate two-way communication with the person requiring access. In this way, they can easily review identification and other documents remotely via cameras.

Control vehicular access

We can also provide remote vehicle access management using an Automatic Number Plate Recognition system.


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