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Mobile Escort for Lone Workers

Stay safe on the go with our dedicated mobile escort service, providing security and peace of mind for lone workers.

Lone worker in building, officer outside

The need for personal protection

Do you hold high value goods or pharmaceuticals on site? Are your premises in a high-risk area? In such circumstances, relying solely on an intruder alarm system may not be enough for your needs. Intimidation risks persist, especially during opening or locking up procedures. With a security escort alongside, you or your lone workers are free to get on with business without fear or anxiety.

Lone worker entering building with officer

Personalised protection

Our security escort service provides a visible presence, deterring potential threats, and taking proactive measures to reduce risks to individuals and premises. We can arrange for our mobile security unit to arrive at a designated time in a marked patrol car who can either provide a watchful eye from the vehicle or physically accompany the lone worker, whichever option is most appropriate or preferred.

"Our relationship with Securitas is excellent and we are now better able to manage and control our total security costs and contract"

Man and woman on laptop working

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