Major Crime Scenes in Wiltshire to Be Guarded by Securitas

17 February 2016

Wiltshire Police has signed a contract with private security contractor Securitas to provide a dedicated service to guard major crime scenes in Wiltshire. The contract comes in to immediate effect.

“Protecting the scene of a major crime is an integral part of an investigation ensuring that evidence is not disrupted, destroyed or contaminated,” said T/DCI Jeremy Carter, from Brunel Crime Investigation Team.

“It is important for the senior investigating officer in the Major Crime Investigation Team to know that Securitas will respond immediately when called upon and is capable of securing a crime scene very quickly anywhere within Wiltshire.”

“By outsourcing the guarding we are able to release police officers from that work to front line policing and reduce costs.”


Contracting out the guarding of major crime scenes has been tried and tested by all other forces in the south west; where it has been found to be a highly effective way of securing evidence and preventing contamination or interference at the scenes of a crime. It is likely that the service will only be used when there is a need for protracted guarding.

Wiltshire Chief Constable Mike Veale said: “We review our services to offer the best value to the public and this contract will free officers to concentrate on their primary roles rather than guarding. There are no ongoing costs to Wiltshire Police other than the actual use of the service when attending a crime scene.”

Securitas guards are vetted and appropriately trained to high standards. They can be clearly identified at crime scenes by their Securitas branded uniforms.

“Modern day policing requires a different approach, as the pressure to more effectively manage costs and resources must be balanced against increasing levels of threat and incidents that require police forces to be at optimum strength,” said Michael Clancy, Chief Commercial Officer and Executive Lead – UK Policing, Securitas UK.

“Taking a partnership approach with Wiltshire Police, our Crime Scene Guarding service can quickly provide fully and specifically trained, accredited and professional Protective Services Officers to maintain the critical security of a crime scene. By providing this around the clock service, Wiltshire Police have been able to release their police officers back to valuable frontline policing duties, at a significantly reduced cost and while maintaining the high standards expected of the Police service.”