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From 2000 to now

From 2000 onward, we fine tuned our operations and continued to grow, with a strong focus on acquisitions across Europe and the US, including acquisitions into the cash handling market. As a global security leader, we looked for ways to increase our value to our clients.

Innovative technology emerged across the world, and we brought it into our own security practices and leveraged these breakthroughs into newer, more advanced technological services, like predictive security, for our clients.

Market leader in the US

In 2000, we acquired Burns, the second largest US security firm, along with several other regional security firms in the US, thereby positioning ourselves as the largest player in the US market with a 20 percent market share.

We continued our acquisition strategy, however several changes, such as shifts in European aviation security business, placed additional pressure on the company and our strategy shifted to consider transformations that would take advantage of our strengths and minimize any losses.

The number of acquisitions absorbed into our core business created numerous opportunities but carried the potential for inefficiencies. Significant emphasis was placed on how to maximize our internal structure for continued growth. Securitas was divided into five specialized divisions for greater business focus, resulting in a clearer organization, a single brand and more efficient methodologies.

Three divisions

In 2007, Securitas was further organized into three divisions called Security Services North America, Security Services Europe, and Mobile and Alert Services with the implementation of a new strategy to become a more specialized organization where we develop our knowledge and expertise according to the needs of each segment.

In 2018, we hit a sales record of more than 100 BSEK. In 2019, we launched a strategic transformation to double our security solutions and electronic sales by 2023.

Challenges and opportunities

Despite the challenges we faced in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, we quickly adapted to new situations, placing the safety and wellbeing of our employees and our clients at the top of our priorities, while keeping our peripheral focus on our strategy. Our transformation programs continue to move forward to help us become the security industry’s leader in intelligent services as we continue to help make your world a safer place.

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