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Meet our people: Chloe

Chloe is one of our security-trained STARS receptionists but also a fully trained Emergency Capability Fire Crew member!

Chloe's story

NAME: Chloe

JOB TITLE: STARS Receptionist


What “We help make your world a safer place” means to me: It’s all about connecting with and supporting people in communities around the world.

Best thing about working at Securitas: The number of opportunities that open up, I have already done so much through the organisation and I’m very excited to see what other opportunities come my way. I've recently completed the Emergency Fire Crew Capability (EFCC) training at the Fire Service College in Gloucester. This was an opportunity offered by Securitas that really appealed to my adventurous side. The training was challenging and physically tiring, but I’m so glad to have developed the capabilities to help in an emergency situation.

Most surprising thing about Securitas: The values of the company – some big companies can lose themselves when they become successful, but Securitas definitely hold strong values which I see day to day.

One thing you didn’t know about me: I learned how to use sign language to help hearing impaired customers at my previous job as an optician’s assistant.


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