Meet our people: Kate

Kate is an intelligence research analyst

Name: Kate
Job title: intelligence research analyst
Joined Securitas: 2018

Kate brings many years in academia to her role at Securitas. She now works with leading brands from sectors as varied as motoracing, large retail and media.

“Our team provides intelligence products including threat assessments, security analysis, intelligence investigations, state-wide and regional threat assessments, and live event security monitoring – we’re a small team which analyses information on multiple areas including terrorism, organised crime, civil unrest, politics, and current security measures,” says Kate.

Security Intelligence is an exciting and increasingly important service for businesses to consider. “It’s a really stimulating role and I get to work with high-profile clients.

We have a diversely skilled and experienced team here at Securitas making my role even more interesting,” she continues.

Kate believes there are a growing number of roles in security. The security sector is undergoing major upheaval with more roles to provide high level advice and consultation to clients.


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