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Meet our people: Travis

Travis is a service desk technician

Name: Travis
Job title: Service desk technician
Joined Securitas: 2018

Travis brings years of experience to the Securitas technical service desk. With a background in both technology and engineering, he is responsible for monitoring and repairing on-site technology for clients.

“Our team is in Milton Keynes but we remotely assist and fix technology including CCTV networks, intercoms and licence plate recognition anywhere in the UK,” says Travis. “Monitoring software means we can often identify and deal with technical errors or failures before a client has even realised there’s a problem.”

Travis joined Securitas to further his career. “I was tasked with setting up our remote service desk and 24/7 monitoring technology and I’ve learnt so much from my role,” he says. With remote monitoring and repair in place, Travis’s team can respond to incidents in a matter of minutes.

“Our clients rely on their security technology to be working effectively 24/7, so it’s great to be part of such an important team. It’s hugely satisfying to know that the technology we are maintaining plays such an important role in keeping people and businesses safe.”


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