Total security for your farm

With the country facing an unprecedented health crisis, there is growing evidence to suggest farmers are being targeted by thieves. Now, more than ever, it is time to review and boost the security of your farm or agricultural business.

While farmers are busy out in the fields, with fewer workers on hand than usual, many will be more vulnerable to theft and other rural crime.

Intelligent, remote security backed up with local mobile patrols are the perfect solution when it comes to protecting valuable machinery, equipment and stock.


Remote Security

Our state-of-the-art Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) helps protect many large and small farms and agricultural businesses across the country. CCTV cameras can be placed around a farm and outbuildings, and connected to the 24/7 in-house ARC where the live feed is constantly monitored.
These intelligent cameras detect movement and alert highly trained Securitas operatives, who will co-ordinate a response with our mobile security teams and, if necessary, contact the emergency services.

Mobile Security

With a growing number of buildings standing empty, Securitas UK can also provide mobile security services in just 24 hours to help protect farms from the increased risk of vandalism and theft.
SIA-licensed officers, in marked vehicles, patrol farms and agricultural businesses across the UK, to monitor alarms and CCTV, complete empty premises inspections and provide keyholding services too.

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