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2023 Gender Pay Gap Report

Here at Securitas we are committed to fostering an environment where all individuals are treated fairly and equitably, regardless of gender. This report provides details of the required statutory disclosures regarding gender statistics and pay data.

04 April 2024 14:53

At Securitas, we are dedicated to fostering an environment of equal opportunity, creating a gender-balanced workplace where every individual can thrive and reach their utmost potential. These principles, deeply rooted in our core values are embodied through our daily operations with our employees, clients, and partners.

As an inclusive employer, we are working towards achieving a fully gender-balanced workforce that mirrors the diverse communities we serve. This report highlights the progress we've made in promoting gender balance and outlines the initiatives we're undertaking to enhance gender representation within our teams. Additionally, it displays our commitment to nurturing and supporting the advancement of women within our organisation and attracting more women to pursue careers in the security industry.

This report provides details of the required statutory disclosures regarding gender statistics and pay data.

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Sarah Hayes (Chartered FCIPD)
Human Resources Director, Securitas UK

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