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Securitas signs up to "ACT" app

Securitas UK joins fight against terrorism by signing up to "ACT" app

05 August 2020 16:24


Securitas believes that safety is a basic human right, and the organisation’s stated purpose is “We help make your world a safer place”. Today, with the threat of terrorism ever-present and increasingly complex, this commitment to protecting clients, colleagues and communities is more valuable than ever.

As operators of the nation’s largest mobile security network, Securitas UK’s trained and experienced officers provide ‘eyes and ears’ on the ground, right across the country. Now, by signing up to the Action Counters Terrorism (ACT) app, from NaCTSO (National Counter Terrorism Security Office), this extensive presence and specialist capabilities will be leveraged for the benefit and protection of the population at large.

About the app

The Act app is the latest product from the experts at the National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO), which delivers live-time information direct from Counter Terrorism Policing straight to your phone.

More than 15,000 security specialists and workers in crowded places have signed up since March, giving them access to CTP’s latest protective security advice 24/7, wherever they are.

To give you an example as to why this app is so useful for security staff - as the recent incident in Reading began to unfold, ACT app users received an instant message direct from CT Policing and they were sent regular updates as the situation developed through the rest of the weekend.

Detective Chief Inspector Steve McGrath, who is head of information, capability, and business engagement at the National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) explains: “As everyone who has responsibility for security will know, in the aftermath of a major incident there is a need for clear, accurate and trustworthy information about what has happened and the wider implications for the UK – and our ACT app subscribers are some of the first people to receive that.

“Our users receive instant message updates direct from Counter Terrorism Policing’s experts, and in the aftermath of the Reading incident we saw a huge spike in ACT app users, with thousands of people located in 16 different countries using it to access the latest messaging, advice and protective security documents created by CTP.”
Initially, the app will be automatically installed on up to 2,500 Securitas UK devices, including the smartphones and PDAs that the organisation’s guards and mobile patrol officers use to send on-site updates and reports.

“Our security officers are trained to be alert to potential threats,” says Shaun Kennedy, Country President, Securitas UK. “Receiving real-time information direct from Counter Terrorism Policing to their device will ensure they are aware of events as they unfold, enhancing their ability to protect the businesses and wider communities we serve and helping them to stay safe themselves. Importantly, the app’s online reporting form and confidential hotline also enables them to notify the appropriate services if they notice anything that appears to be terror-related.”

ACT provides a comprehensive range of features including:

  • Emergency and incident response plans
  • First aid Aid guidance
  • Threat and Response Level guidance
  • Counter Terrorism videos
  • Live-time news updates from UK Protect
  • Online training resources.

“The ACT app enables us to use our experience and resources in pursuit of the common goal of national security,” says Shaun Kennedy. “Our next step will be to make the app available to all of our 10,000 UK employees for use on their personal devices. The nature of our business means that all our people take safety seriously and the app enables all of them to play their part in combating the threat and impact of terrorist activity in the UK.”


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