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BSIA welcomes latest Securitas campaign

07 July 2020 12:59


Earlier this month, Securitas has produced three videos celebrating and displaying the importance of critical security personnel during COVID-19, which has been highly welcomed by The British Security Industry Association (the BSIA).

The videos show in-depth interviews with security officers across three countries and their experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Mike Reddington, Chief Executive, BSIA: “It is vital that the work of our industry members showcase the importance of this critical industry, especially as more people are moving around now thanks to some venues across the UK beginning to reopen. The Securitas UK videos and their work on resetting perceptions is commendable, not to mention giving the public a first-hand view from a security officer’s point of view. We are pleased to promote this with the Securitas UK team and incorporating this into the wider campaign.”

The BSIA, the Security Institute and Security Commonwealth (SyCom) have recently joined forces to challenge perceptions and raise awareness of the Professional Security Industry. Often the army of critical security personnel goes unnoticed as they work in creating a secure and safe environment for the public. This work is intwined with the UK’s infrastructure and frequently slips into a ‘hidden workforce’ category.

To find more about the BSIA, click here.
To watch the videos, head over to Securitas UK YouTube channel.

The importance of critical security personnel during COVID-19

“Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, our roles have been even more demanding. We’ve had to be even more vigilant and carry out extra duties with added responsibilities.” explains Ian McCulloch, Mobile Patrol Officer, Securitas UK.

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