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Developing Employee Value Propositions

15 January 2020 01:00


In the latest edition of RiskXtra magazine, Sarah Hayes, Securitas UK HR Director, explores what security providers need to do to attract and retain talent.

As the global technology transformation continues, and the needs of clients continue to evolve, you may be mistaken for thinking that the requirement for people, and their collective competence, might be diminished. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Clients are demanding increasingly advanced security solutions and expect stable, uninterrupted operations. As the industry moves towards data driven intelligent security services, new technologies are changing the very nature of security officer responsibilities.

From sensors built in to uniforms and access to real time data on smartwatches, even the patrol car will become an extension of the security officer, cooperating with nearby officers, vehicles and third-party data.

The pace of transformation towards intelligent security solutions is gathering momentum however the security officer of tomorrow will remain at the heart of any security solution.

In an industry where a rather antiquated perception of security services persists and where certain roles are often regarded as low skilled, what can we security businesses do to attract, retain and grow talent?

Read the full article in the December issue of RiskXtra magazine.

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