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Securitas UK Gender Pay Gap report 2020 published

29 April 2020 12:00


At Securitas we support the fair treatment and reward of all our people, irrespective of gender.

Sarah Hayes (Chartered FCIPD) - Human Resources Director Securitas UK:

We want to provide equal opportunities for all; creating a gender-balanced place to work, where our people can shine and achieve their full potential.

We value our people and want them to be confident that their hard work and efforts to protect our clients and keep our communities safe will be recognised and rewarded fairly.

These commitments, reinforced by our strong values, are embedded in our day-to-day working practices with our people, clients and partners. As an inclusive, gender-balanced employer, we want to represent all the communities that we serve.

Our Gender Pay Gap report 2020 summarises the positive improvements we have made and the actions we are taking to increase balanced gender representation in our teams, grow and support our internal pipeline of women progressing through the grades and attract more women to careers in the security industry.

Our report provides details of the required statutory disclosures regarding gender statistics and pay data.

Read the report here.

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